Shaking Spirits is a virtual space for you to engage, connect. I hope that you find in this space the time and freedom to let your soul breathe, dance, and grow. I want us to journey together towards lives more fully reflective of the beauty we were created with.


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If I haven't met you, I would love to one day. It took me years to finally jump on the online train because the original facetime will always be my preferred method of engagement. I love to look into your eyes, to see your pain and joy and share in it. But the future is here! So I genuinely hope to be able to find bona fide connection here and encourage it IRL (in real life). I hope we can learn more about and from each other in the coming years. 

Topics? The list of topics that won't be broached might be shorter, but here's a condensed list:                      

Spirits Type I : {spiritous liquor} : cocktails, hospitality, food, passion, local bar and restaurant profiles and stories of the amazing people that make up this industry.              

Spirits Type II : {the human soul} : Entering in to the human condition, living with purpose, vision, authenticity and connectedness, minimalism, community.            

Spirits Type III : {The Spirit of God lives in us} : Christian Theological Reflections, The Church, Justice, Love, Active Faith. 

Audience: At risk for sounding cliche, all are welcome. I have spent years developing the vision for Shaking Spirits. The most difficult question that I've tried to answer is how to create a space that encourages different perspectives but doesn't compromise the convictions that deeply shape who I am. I think a rich benefit of postmodernism and the tolerance movement is that it has encouraged conversation and even collaboration between historically hostile people groups.

We have so much to learn from each other. I was never so keenly aware of this than when I was simultaneously studying in Seminary and serving up cocktails in Scottsdale. I was learning so much in both contexts, things that the other side could benefit from...But ay, here's the rub of popular postmodern thought: your belief is good for you, but it has nothing to offer me. This notion restricts the substance of those great cross-cultural conversations. This belief steals away the potency of learning from each other's hard-fought convictions. One (of many) pitfalls to this is that we end up existing as independent arbiters of virtue and values. We lose centuries of context created by those who walked in a the truth they held so dear. We aren't challenged, because we respect no authority. We have no substantial hope because there is no true story that keeps us centered on something transcendental. And ultimately, we do what we want, and that is rarely what's best for everyone (even ourselves). 

So Here's my invitation to you whoever you are, whatever you believe...For those who don't ascribe to the Christian faith-I will use terms and ideas that are rooted in my rich heritage of faith - to talk about life and human experience. I do this because I am convinced that the Biblical story is the one true story. It is the reality that I seek to live within each day that offers authority and hope to guide and regenerate me to live accordingly. This language is not meant to exclude you but, I think, actually offers an essential framework to engage with things that matter. I think in our culture's attempt to "dispel the myth" of objective truths, we risk losing an integral piece of our humanity: the part that makes us responsible agents in our communities and our world. On the flip side, the Christian Church has much to learn about loving people and culture for the common good. I have much to learn. I earnestly hope we can do it together. So, whoever, I invite you to consider, contemplate, and offer up new perspective. Welcome!